Specialised Communications (Jersey) Ltd.


Specialised Communications


Specialised Communications provides a range of sophisticated electronic security, analysis and recording solutions to Government Security and Intelligence Organisations and Major Financial Institutions throughout the world. For more information, please contact us with details of your requirement.

Specialised Communications is able to offer a world beating selection of products for the interception and monitoring of communications on both a local and worldwide basis. Our product range includes products for satellite monitoring and interception, mobile phone monitoring and location and also Lawful Interception (LI) of fixed SS7 and VoIP Networks. Our GSM monitoring facilites includes a unique small and cost effective solution for passive monitoring of A5/1, as well as some of the more conventional solutions. Our engineering team is currently using expertise gained on satellite monitoring to complete the first genuine 3G monitoring system. In every case we are able to provide a complete turnkey integrated solution to all your monitoring requirements from multiple sources.