Mobile Network Monitoring

DF and Location

We are able to offer a range of products which can DF or Locate a specific mobile phone handset these can be handheld for short range or vehicle mounted for longer ranges.Please login for further details of our DF and Location products.

IMSI Grabbing

Imsi grabber

Mobile phones are easily available in many parts of the world on the basis of “pay cash and no questions asked”, this creates a major problem for law enforcement as the identity of their target mobile phone is unknown. Specialised Communications is able to offer its own unique “IMSI Catcher” which can identify unknown mobile phones making it possible to subsequently use conventional LI techniques to monitor the handset or to Locate it.


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Specialised Communications is now pleased to off its own unique solution to monitoring CDMA systems. Please login for further details of our CDMA monitoring solution.


Please login for details of our 3G monitoring solution.

GSM A5/1

There are a number of Passive and Active solutions available for the interception of GSM A5/1, a large proportion of these being rebadged products from a common source.  We are also able to offer the same products if customers want them, but in addition we have our own unique Passive A5/1 intercept solution, which can be extremely cost effective in many situations.

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GSM A5/2

Although this encryption system is now being rapidly phased out, we are still able to offer a very cost effective Passive A5/2  interception system for those countries where it is still in use. Please login for further details.